Goran Beleski – Beleski Organic

“Raw and Grow” for me was a great opportunity to exchange experience with farmers in Slovenia. Furthermore, it was a nice chance to see how other farmers are managing their farm, production and sales. I learnt about their tradition, culture and work in farming. Also, with the workshops I learnt about the entrepreneurship and farming.  I’m sincerely thankful to the organizers for giving me this unique opportunity and I’m looking forward to implementing the acquired knowledge here in Macedonia.

Suzana Dimitrievska – Mustafino

It was my honor that I have had great opportunity to be part of this one month visit in Slovenia. I’ve learn a lot of things for that how to create a brand using the resources that you have. Also I have chance to visit some organic businesses with all activities included in. The companies, our hosts were open to share their experience and present their results and way of thinking. The most important part of my visit was what I’ve learned in process hoe the companies are involved through innovative solutions to solve some social problems in the society like STARA ROBA-NOVA ROBA and ETRI-FRANSIZA.


Ognjen Fidanoski – Macedonian Honey

Mladi Info, thanks for the opportunity to be part of the program Erazmus+ and visiting Slovenia. Especially because it was organized in the only month that I have free time not to be involved in daily activities. For me, this visit  went excellent, sometimes beyond expectations. The Slovenian partner “Aurora Coworking”, with Mr. Jose Antonio Morales and Mr. Tomaz Erzen organized this visit on the highest possible level having in mind that to organize 30 days with activities throughout Slovenia is not that easy task. I must stress out that because of the effort of those two gentlemen’s and making available to all of us their assets in Murska Sobota we had a such successful and fulfilled time in Slovenia. Also I want to thank to all other colleagues who were there with me: Goran, Suzana and Tome for the time that we spent together, discussing the ideas for our future activities. To all of them I wish great success in their businesses. To you and Mladi Info to continue working successfully in all fields – which I don’t doubt having in mind your abilities – I’m certain that you will grow as an organization more and more just as you deserve.


Tome Nikoloski – Zlatno Runo

This kind of workshops are excellent for every young and even for older entrepreneurs in a way to solve the fear of creating their ideas to startups. We learned about the principles on sustainable development of organic production, design and the process of production. Also this mobility helps me to see how the countries can collaborate in order to improve their production and sale in other markets. One of the main point during our stay in Slovenia was to learn that we have to share the information so we can provide business sustainability. This mobility was inspiration for me to create one big project which I hope will succeed to implement it in Macedonia.


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