The rationale behind the project Rural Organic Sustainable Enterprise ( ROSE) is to set up the partnership among 4 companies from Austria, Greece, North Macedonia and Slovenia that are actively involved into the development and promotion of sustainable concept of organic rural enterprises. The goal of the project is through a strategic approach, highly participatory and engaging activities as well as through building the capacities of the participating institutions from 4 countries to teach adults how to make their organic businesses sustainable and in the same time to learn how to use media campaigns for promotion. The idea is to jointly address the organic producers in our countries and not only to inspire start-ups and entrepreneurs to embrace this concept, but also unemployed adults to consider it as a potential tool and response to their unemployment. This project should provide chances for more startups (including staff and learners) from the participating countries to collaborate and to build their networks as well as to learn more about business development of organic enterprises, online branding and available media recourses to promote better their businesses.