The mobility event of adult learners, first of this kind within the Grow Your Raw project, took place in Greece, Larissa in July 2018. Participants from each of the partner countries attended the Training for business development of startup enterprise. Participants were actively engaged in the learners process of education. During the training tutors provided assistance about preparing a business plan, financial sustainability, marketing and management rules.

The entrepreneurs will also cover the field of social entrepreneurship like one of the most popular way of self-employment. The participants learned how to set up the organic enterprise, how to run it, how to position in on the market, how to identify the value proposition, also how to concertize a their business idea and in which way they can increase productivity  as well as to find potential investors and how to pitch their idea on startup events.
At the end of the mobility stay, each learner was able to create their own mini-business plan for their specific idea.