The second of the mobility events within the project Grow Your Raw was held in France, Bordeaux in May 2018. The staff  from Macedonia, Greece, Czech Republic and Slovenia during their stay in France had a chance to develop their skills in several areas of organic production: wine, textile, cosmetics, furniture.


Organic wine preparation topics will include: fertility and health of the soil; viticulture practices, appropriate varieties and training systems; timing of the protection measures and application methods; biological pest control and habitat management.


Textile organic production experience was shared about how to produce an organic types of textile, cosmetics and furniture emphasizing the areas such as, what type of cloths and ingredients are the most desired and suitable to be produced from these types of products and potentials for producing of recycled cloths from organic textiles. In addition, the participants will boost their managerial skills and will learn more about different methods of funding for organic production (programmes, etc).