1. Camille Billot-Grima/ Greece

Who are you and what are you doing in life?

I’m Camille BILLOT-GRIMA, 30 years old, a former food processing master’s degree student. I’ve decided to pursue my studies in the environment field and wastage reduction.

Why did you participate in this project?

I wanted to participate to the Grow Your Raw project to see and understand European issues regarding agricultural habits and issues.

What did you learn during the project?

I’ve learned other views from European citizens on agriculture organization and habits regarding organic growth.

2. Victor Malaviole/ Greece

Who are you and what are you doing in life?

I’m Victor MALAVIOLE, 20 years old, a student in technician advice sale in food (option wines and spirits).

Why did you participate in this project?

“I wanted to participate to the Grow your Raw project in order to develop my idea about what is an organic company and learn about how to manage a company. Also, I wanted to know more about how to set up a marketing strategy.

What did you learn during the project?

“I had the chance to exchange with the other participants from other countries about the agricultural sector, know more about their practices and visit interesting companies.

3. Jean-Baptiste Canuel/ Czech Republic

Who are you and what are you doing in life?

“I’m Jean-Baptiste CANUEL, 36 years old, a wine merchant. I want to develop my company around Europe and I’m interested by the bio.

Why did you participate in this project?

“I wanted to participate to the Grow Your Raw project to meet European entrepreneurs in sustainable agriculture. It is a great opportunity to discover good ideas and practices.

What did you learn during the project?

“My stay in the Czech Republic was really interesting, we had a great program with courses on how to develop a company and visits.

4. Timotej Szabo/ Slovakia

Adventurer and traveler who has settled in the south of Slovakia. Grower and craftsman of pepper. CSA (Community-supported farmer) with a deep interest in composting. Resident in the center of the village. Founder << Nesur.org >> Consultant, applicant for certificate << Natural Garden >> See Link

“In 2017, I have reached the harvest in an organic standard. In search of solutions for some planting issues, I have captured a pile of information and lessons offered by organic growers in Central and South America. A study on a qualitative soil analysis seminar in Spain opened my door for further collaboration with teachers and scientists from the Latin American environment. I am engaged in the Chromatography of Soil and Compost (Horizontal Paper Chromatography). It is a qualitative analysis of the presence of microbiology and the quality of relationships in the soil, determining the quality of the compost. I’m also preparing the translation and publication of the book “Manual on Microbiology for the remineralization of Soil in the Hand of Roller”. “ – explains Timotej Szabo.

5. Iva Weisserova/ Czech Republic

From the year 1991, I have been working in the travel industry and I have a small travel agency. My first job was in Moravia (in my hometown). In 1996 I have moved to Prague and started to work here. My vision and the main target in my work is to help travelers to travel better, to be more ecological, to show them that is important to be interested in cultures, traditions etc. I like esotericism, metaphysics and I have passed the EFT training, so I am the official therapist of energy psychology. I love the things between the Heaven and the Earth, to help people here around. I hope that in the early future our planet will recover and the people will live their sustainable and peaceful lives.” – explains Iva Weisserova.

6. Lucia Molčànyovà/ Czech Republic

“I work as a customer service and sales assistant for VOONO – Czech brand of natural vegan-friendly hair cosmetics. I also take care of social networks and communication with our customers and clients. We are based in Prague, Czech Republic, but we have high ambitions to expand abroad. For more information about us and our products, visit our website www.voono.cz. I have studied my MA degree at the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University in Prague and besides VOONO I work as a professional dancer, performer, choreographer, and actress.” – explains Lucia Molčànyovà.

7. Daniel Všetečka/ Czech Republic

“My name is Daniel Všetečka. I have graduated at Czech university of life science. I am 28 years old.  Actually, I am one year after graduation and I am doing business in chili growing and food processing area. I have my own company specialized in making chili sauces using brand Palíto (www.palito.eu / fb: @chilliomackypalito)  I have learned new approaches to the biodynamic and ecological farming in Bordeaux. I also meet new friends, who were doing the same program as me. I really appreciate the possibility to attend this program. “ – explains Daniel Všetečka.

8. Martin Hroch/ Czech Republic

Student of the doctoral program in ecotoxicology. He works as Robotics developer in a bank. Among his interests, growing of vegetable and herbs are at the first place. In a small family farm, they produce also wine and have bee hives. He’d like to focus on making and selling of the products at small scale: “There is a substantial amount of goods from local growers which are thrown away or get broken because there is no market place nor sufficient exchange among growers. Each year, there is over production of different vegetable or fruit, but locals don’t have many options how to use of it. Especially, a lot of fruit is not harvested at all.” He says also that his current job doesn’t allow him to spend as much time in agriculture as he’d like to: “People are used to work here more than in other European countries. I believe that part time jobs should be more common, so that people have more freedom to work on activities which can be less productive at the beginning.

9. Matyáš Smutný / Czech Republic

“I graduated from a Czech agricultural university. At the present time, I devote my own company – Herba Fabrica, which is a city farm for vegetable production, and I also work as a marketing manager and copywriter.” – says Matyáš Smutný.

10. Biosan Agriculture Business/ Greece

Biosan Agriculture business is an agricultural production company, located in Thessaly region and more specifically in Larissa city; a town famous for its tradition in agriculture. The company produces legumes, pulses, vegetables, aromatic herbs and organic olive oil. Most of the products are grown according to GLOBAL G.A.P requirements and there are also organic productions. As part of the company’s dynamic development, there are also experimental fields where new cultivations can be tested.

Website: www.biosan.com.gr
Email: info@biosan.com.gr
Contact person: Malagari Christina, BSc Agriculture Crop Production and Rural Environment, University of Thessaly, MSc Quality Control

11.KAVA Biosan Wine & Spirits/ Greece

Biosan Wine & Spirits is a family-owned liquor store at the center of Larissa city. What makes this place special is that most of the wines are organic from small wineries from all over Greece. Most of the wines are in bulk and anyone can try them out and buy as much as they want.

Email: info@biosan.com.gr
Facebook page: https://bit.ly/2TBaJFS
Contact person: Malagaris Jason, a student in the Department of Agricultural Engineering Technologists, the University of Applied Science of Thessaly

12.The Nikoloulis Winery / Greece

The Nikoloulis Winery was founded in 2002 by brothers Apostolos and Nikolaos. It is located in Thessaly, to the east of Larissa in the village of Halki. The Nikoloulis Winery has its own organic vineyards of 80 acres, certified by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS. Its vineyards are planted with fine Greek and international grape varieties such as Xinomavro, Bantiki, Roditis, Moschato Black, Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ugni Blanc. The practices and cultivation of the organic viticulture followed, combined with the fertile clay and clay-soils, result in the production of excellent grape quality. The grapes are collected from the vineyard and transported directly to the modern facilities of the winery, which has all the necessary machinery and equipment for the process of producing excellent quality wines. The main goal of the Nikoloulis Winery is to respect the tradition and the consumer by creating natural fine wines from native doughs where they highlight the unique characteristics of the area.

Website: https://www.nikolouliswinery.gr
Email: nikoloulis78@yahoo.gr
Contact person: Nikoloulis Apostolos

13. Vasil Petrushevski,  Aquaponika dooel Skopje, organic farm production, location Oreshani Skopsko/ Macedonia

Vasil Petrushevski works as a network administrator within Horizonti, a CRS spin program for micro-crediting. After years of individual interest and research on new environmentally-friendly technologies, and considering the needs of the economy of Macedonia and the wider region, he came up with the idea to introduce aquaponics production in a green house to maximize the use of the solar energy in Macedonia and the Balkans. He started testing and realizing his innovation three years ago, at first with support from his family and then with support from a wider network of experts. He graduated from electronics technical school in 1994 and attended electronics courses at Skopje State University. He holds several Microsoft Network Administration certificates, and as of this year, he is president of the Mother Theresa Public Policy School Alumni group.

14. Seed of Life/ Macedonia

Seed of Life is a raw food company. It started to enable people to have access to healthy, sustainable food as life becomes increasingly dynamic and organic food should be an affordable luxury.
The mission at Seed of Life is to preserve the natural vitality and nutritional value in the food we consume. Every seed is endowed with new life, and that is the reason why we use seeds and nuts as the primary ingredient in every bite of our products.

Website: https://seedoflife.com.mk/en/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/seedoflife2015/

15. Good Earth (Dobra Zemja)/ Macedonia

Good Earth is the first consumer cooperative in Macedonia. The founders of the cooperative,  are concerned about the social processes in Macedonia, their impact on human health, the dispersal of local communities and the suppression of local initiatives. The main “umbrella” element that they see is the pollution and unconscious (unreasonable) use of natural resources and their endless pollution.

Website: http://dobrazemja.org/mk/
Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/dobrazemja/

16. MamaOrgana/Macedonia

MaMaOrgana is social entrepreneurship, whose main activity is producing organic fertilizers and substrates. They are offering the farmers the possibility to have an organic garden anywhere and anytime. The substrates are made with the newest technologies, implementing old recipes. In the process of production, they use food waste and employ people from marginalized categories. They are also community responsibility and invest part of the profits in the education of children.

Website: https://bit.ly/2ChUAKK
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MaMaOrgana/

17. Andrej Socic/ Slovenia

“I participated in 2 programs with Grow your Raw mobility program. One in France and one in the Czech Republic. I loved them both. The one in France was very hands-on, we visited many good causes in the region. I really learned a lot, since my project is also agriculture-based. The program in Prague was amazing for me because I have no business background and the content taught me how to go about the business side of my project. I also made some connections that will be beneficial to my business. I support the project and hope it will run also in the future.” – explains Andrej Socic.

18. Daniel Davidovic/Slovenia

“I participated in Mobility in Greece. We had a good program and wonderful weather. I met interesting people and managed to bring my project further because of the workshops we had in iED. I would recommend this program to my friends. ” – explains Daniel Davidovic.