Training: Branding & communication for socially responsible startups

Organizer: Heartbeats Innovation & Communication, Austria

Feb 8-12th 2021
5 sessions of 2-3 hours

Early stage social and green entrepreneurs from EU and the Balkans (with special focus on Slovenia, Austria, N. Macedonia and Greece)

What is it about?

  • Content marketing in 9 steps
    The first part will show in 9 simple steps what it needs to have a complete Content Marketing setup, and how you can get started with Content Marketing for your own brand.
  • How to create the right content for your target audience
    The 2nd session will show you in 3 steps how to create content that really reaches with your target audience and presents your brand in the best possible way.
  • Content Marketing in times of crisis  incl. Responsible Storytelling
    In times of a crisis Content Marketing is more important than ever. In this 3rd part, we look at what you should watch out for during a crisis and what trends you should have on your radar forpost-crisis. 
  • Impact Communication
    Communicating your impact is becoming more and more important – but is also the most complex tool of Content Marketing. We introduce the 3 phases of Impact Communication and provide guidelines how you can set it up yourself.
  • Content Strategy + Content Plan
    Content Marketing can show only long-term results when it’s implemented in the right way. For this you need a Content Strategy and a Content Plan. We introduce a step-by-step process for both that can be implemented by everyone.

#01 Intro + Ideas: how Content Marketing can become your biggest SALES support 

This first part introduces Content Marketing in 9 simple steps and explains:

  • how Content Marketing can help you to reach your Sales goals
  • how you create the right content for your Target Audience and 
  • how Content Marketing can support you in the times of the Covid19 crisis.

#02 Trends + Tactics: how to structure and implement Content Marketing

In the second part we take a close look at the no.1 Must-Have in Content Marketing: Storytelling. You will learn how you find the best stories for your brand but also how to choose the right formats and (Social Media) channels. 

We will also learn about:

  • how to create a Online Customer Journey in simple steps
  • how to create a Content Strategy based on your business goals and 
  • how to create a good Content Plan, considering your goals and resources


Christina Forster
Christina believes that every business, brand or product has a story to tell. And a good one, too. Her own story started in the field of journalism but already in 2005 she moved from print to online. During her 8 years in London she discovered how Content Marketing, Storytelling and Responsible Communication can enable sustainable success – something that became her biggest passion. Christina’s experience in creating positive integrated social impact through marketing and communications spans sectors, including corporate brands, impact-driven startups, international networks, innovative nonprofits and small foundations. She has designed content marketing programs for purpose-driven events, gatherings and conferences, and served as strategic consultant to opinion leaders, organisations, companies and institutions in CEE and Western Balkans. Christina has worked in the field of entrepreneurship building, sustainability, sports, music, fashion, media and IT industry with clients such as Mondi, Boden, Red Bull, Nivea, Labello, Cisco Austria, Feelif Slovenia, Impact Hub Vienna, GSEN and many more. 

Bistra Kumbaroska
A social innovator, entrepreneur and a poet, Bistra supports individuals, organisations and companies in combining innovative tools to grow their impact. Her passion for entrepreneurship took her on a journey through Europe, Sub-Sahara Africa, and South-East Asia, developing and managing projects, programs and systems of support for social innovation. She has worked with Impact Hub, GSEN, UNIDO and other relevant networks in the field. She has been involved in the creation and scaling of more than 5 networks and entities across different industries in CEE and has organized, facilitated and shared her experience at more than 143 international events and conferences so far.  At the moment, she works as a  managing partner of Vienna and Ljubljana based agency Heartbeats Innovation & Communication. 

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Training: Startup business program focusing on rural organic production: food, wine, herbs, plants etc.

Organizer: Institute for Entrepreneurship Development, Greece

First Week of March 2021
5 sessions of 2-3 hours

Early stage social and green entrepreneurs from EU and the Balkans (with special focus on Slovenia, Austria, N. Macedonia and Greece)

What is it about?
The training aims to:
raise awareness to young adult people for the possibility to launch startups on rural organic production,  
present a branding strategy,
present Smart Working tools for increasing their productivity.

You can check the Agenda of the training here.


Eva Kokkora, Eva holds a master’s degree on Models of Educational Planning and Development, from the University of the Aegean. She is currently working as Project Manager and implements projects in the field of Rural Entrepreneurship and Start Up enterprises. 

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