Atelier hosted part of our team

In 2010 small organization, by 2012 moved to current warehouse space that is privately owned with rent and utilities paid for by the local government.

The ecosystem supports their efforts in the following ways:  Each municipality in France is required to handle their waste products from their production activities.  The Atelier is a NGO that assists the local Municipality with that responsibility by being a creative recycle organization that accepts local waste.

I had the pleasure of meeting Veronique, Natalie and Helen of Atelier d’ eco Solidaire, which is part of the public efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle waste. The Atelier is hub for collection of wine boxes, plastic beer kegs, advertisement banners, fabric sample book and scraps, furniture, dishes, lamp shades, you name it.  If a material is locally produced, the Atelier, with local volunteers, interns, technicians in training, masters and administrators will transform the waste into functional, styled pieces that they sell in their shop. They also concept, design and produce fixtures and environments for retail and office spaces.

To make this successful in Macedonia, sustainable awareness and dedication, incentives and support for an organization to employ workers who have a willingness to receive creative direction, to learn a trade and collaborate and key market linkages are paramount.  Their upholstery skills could uplift our THINK WOOL HACKATHON team!

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